Chutzpah Award

Many of my Conservative friends often rail on liberals and liberal politics as being driven by envy.  I find that sort of assignment of motivation to be fairly unhelpful in most debates, though I do understand the case they are making.

In this context, though, I have to say that Kevin Drum gets the Chutzpah award of the week for claiming that Conservative politics are being driven by envy of government workers.  LOL.  I made a response in his comments section that was so obvious I hesitate to even repeat it here, but I will.  He made the point that government did not lay people off because it still had demand for its services

Kevin, you have it backwards because you confuse two terms. Private businesses did not lay people off because people stopped wanting their product, they laid people off because people stopped paying for their product. I am sure everyone still would like a Porche, just no one is paying for them right now. Ditto houses, etc.

Businesses reacted to the reality of less money coming in. They probably had many important things they could have continued doing in R&D or manufacturing streamlining, but the reality was that less money was coming in the door so they reduced their expenses to match.

The public sector issue is not different but identical. Sure, there are still lot of things they would like to be doing, but the fact is that less money is coming in the door. But rather than adjust to that fact, they arrogantly ignored it, running up debt in the taxpayers name so a bunch of deputy assistant principals could keep earning $80,000 a year. That is why folks are angry.

Kevin Drum is one of the few team politics blogs I read from either the Coke or the Pepsi side of the aisle because I think he often makes the leftish case more intelligently than most.  But I have been critical of him all week in his comments section for repeatedly defending public employees unions based on the benefits of private unions.  The two are very different, as pointed out by, well, about everybody who is not specifically beholden to the public employees unions.  Here is just the first one of many I found in my reader.


  1. me:

    LOL. I'd say that politics are typically driven by greed and a desire to exercise direct control of the unknown, both of which typically lead to disastrous results. At some point in the far future, we're going to incorporate analog feedback systems into policy-making, and the world will be a much better place. We're so not there yet, though.

  2. John Cheek:

    Sorry to be so German(my mother was born there)about this:it's Porsche;all syllables in German are pronounced,thus POR-SHA.