Well, It Is A Much Stronger Greenhouse Gas than CO2

For those who remember the Penn & Teller show where they had people at an environmental rally sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide (water), you may enjoy seeing some CFACT interns doing the same among delegates to the COP16 climate change conference in Cancun, with predictable results.  Its all about the science!  Its pretty funny that the interns seemed to go out of their way to always have a cup of water in their hand when they discussed the petition.


  1. MicroNomics:

    They should also as them why there are seasons. About 20 yrs ago, 90+ % of Harvard graduates did not know the answer. The most common wrong answer was that the earth was closer to the sun during the summer and further away during the winter. Talk about flat earthers. I doubt that the overall percentage has changed little over the years. Always a good question to ask to cut off a pseudo-scientific discussion AGW. If someone can't explain why its warmer in the summer, how can you talk about any real observations, thoughts, papers, etc.

    (I am sure Princeton grads would do much better!?!?-at least the physics, math and engineering majors. Though I am a microbiologist, I do not include biology majors in that list.)

  2. A Friend:

    Good suggestion. I am a Princeton Grad, and can guarantee you 90+% would get that wrong. If you want to confuse everyone, ask about tides. You will get 99% wrong.

  3. MJ:

    I often wonder what one needs to do to be eligible to serve as a delegate to one of these conferences. I sure would enjoy a vacation in Cancun.