My First Novel Now on Kindle

My first novel, "BMOC," is now on Kindle for $4.99, a substantial discount off the  $17.95 price Amazon has for the dead tree version.  Incredibly, my author royalty is WAY more for the Kindle version even at that price than for the paper version.

Anyway, if you like this site, you might check it out.  The novel is part murder mystery, party comedy, and part business book.   I used to have fun with my friends at business school and later in nconsulting thinking up odd new business models (e.g. coin harvesting from fountains) and this book embodies some of the odder ones we came up with.  Though as wacky as the business model of the main company in the book (called "BMOC" appropriately enough) was supposed to be, since writing it I have had a number of people send me stories of startups pursuing eerily similar approaches to marketing.  Anyway, the book is a light read though with adult language and a tiny bit of sex.


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    Almost sorry I bought the dead tree version now! But not really. It was an enjoyable read, and I'm really hoping those better Kindle royalties pursuade you to write another. It would have benefited from a proofreader, though.

  2. Jody:

    Higher Kindle royalties make sense to me as the distribution and publication costs are *way* lower.

  3. Steven Borg:

    I enjoyed reading BMOC in paper. Congrats in having it available on the Kindle. If you have time to write another, I'll certainly be reading it. But, don't take too much time away from your blog... It's a good stream of fresh insights.

  4. richard:

    > a tiny bit of sex

    What's wrong with you? Too much sundayschool?


  5. Tom Nally:

    It didn't occur to me (until right now) that Warren is probably a polymath. In addition to engineering, business and the literary arts, I will bet a shiny quarter that he plays a musical instrument, too.

    (Bet limited to four takers. I reserve the right to substitute an unshiny quarter if I can't find shiny ones.)

  6. Bruce Yelen:

    Just purchased the Kindle version. Thank you for recognizing that Ebook pricing should not be the same as "dead tree" versions. FYI - your link on the page takes you to Amazon's "dead tree" version of the book, not the kindle.

  7. jj:

    I enjoy this blog but I've never read a word of your fiction, so sight-unseen I'd say there's a 50% chance I'll like the book. For $18 I wouldn't take the risk, but for $5, why not? Good job pricing the kindle version: I'm going to buy it.

    *I'm either unlucky or have a terrible method of choosing books, but I've only liked 25% of the books I've bought over the past few years. So my 50% estimate is only because of the blog.