Kudos to Hunter-Douglas

I have a bunch of motorized shades on the high clerestory windows around my house (these are about 10 feet off the floor so impossible to manually open and close).  I had the ladder out this weekend and was replacing batteries when I found one of the battery cases was corroded beyond repair because a battery had leaked.

I checked the Hunter-Douglas web site, and found the parts request link.  It said that if they had the part in stock, they would send it to me for free.  That sounded like BS, and I wrote them that I was happy to be charged, I just wanted the part.

Today I got this email:

It's our pleasure to provide you with the replacement Duette PowerRise AA battery Wand requested and sending them to the address provided.  These parts are offered at no charge to our consumers.  You will receive your parts within 10 business days.



  1. me:

    Positively awesome customer service really can set a company apart in this day and age. Hat off to Hunter-Douglas, I'll be sure to look them up next time a decision to buy shades or blinds comes my way. Thanks!

  2. Brce:

    I too value good customer service. I think I would even pay a little extra to have a live person pick up the phone. My favorite customer service department is at UPSI. I had a technical question one day so I called them up. The phone was answered by a live recepionist who direct my call tho the field engineer with the answer. I talked to two real people and was off the phone in under 5 min. Totaly AWESOME.

  3. DrTorch:

    That is great! I'll keep that in mind.

    Just having the part available and identified is a big plus.

  4. Bob Weber:

    About 3 years ago the swivel neck spout on my Kohler kitchen faucet began to leak. I called Kohler's customer support line, quoted the model number and problem. I was told that they would send out a gasket kit for not charge. In a few days I received the kit which had everything I needed to make the repair. Two weeks ago I called the same number to report that the water flow rate on the spray bar was getting sluggish. I was told that they would send out a new diverter valve, no charge. Two days later I got a new valve with instructions on how to replace it. I'm gobsmacked.

  5. Doug:

    It's October 2014 and Hunter-Douglas is sending the wand replacements out at no charge. Go with Hunter-Douglas! BTW - another site will sell them to you for $36 each........

  6. Cathy:

    I am looking to purchase a Power Rise AAA Battery Wand for Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades. Does anyone know where to obtain this wand? Hunter Douglas has discontinued them.