Horrible State Brutality

This is absolutely awful.  A main who is chained and drugged is being beaten by Maricopa County officers (yes, these guys report to Arpaio).

We can award extra points here to Arpaio who is saying how incredibly difficult it is to detect these incidents - Just think, he says, how much video we would have to go through.  But my untrained eyes show in every case at least 3 and sometimes many more county employees looking on.  Apparently none of these folks reported the incident.  Which means that unlike what they are trying to portray here as an isolated incident due to one bad apple, this is a systematic culture of violence against citizens that pervades the whole organization.

Double extra credit for the implication that none of the onlookers who watched a violent felony in progress and who are nominally law enforcement officers will be punished for covering up the incident  (brief opening commercial)


  1. pegr:

    No such thing as a good cop. And prison guards are those too stupid to be cops.

  2. Maddog:

    Live stream these feeds to the internet and you will have plenty of eyes watching for abuse. It is only hard to find if you don't want to find it.

  3. astonerii:

    Well, if that is the worst you have, then Maricopa is a friendly place compared to places like, say Iowa where speeding will get you 6 squad cars and 11 police all pointing guns at you followed by rougher treatment than that guy got, granted, you will still have some clothes on. Or compared to the police treatment you will get a state such as Utah because you were informed by your attorney that everything was taken care of, but for some reason the courthouse did not record all your payments correctly so they send out 4 squad cars and 7 police to manhandle you in your underwear to the county lock up while they try to make heads or tails of the fact that you did in fact pay every bit of fine you were supposed to.

    That has nothing on the bounty hunter shows, and nothing on the Reno 911 type shows. If this is really the worst dredge you can pull up against a police group, I would say you are better off than say people in Philadelphia, New York, Jersey City. The fact that the police actually face consequences here as opposed to these other places makes it infinitely better.

    Me thinks your love of illegals has you painting a tiny little picture with a broad brush.

  4. dave smith:

    1. I agree with maddog...you could get plenty of volunteers to sift though tape also.

    2. The reporter at the end of the story was smokin' hot.

    3. I don't understand. What does this have to do with illegal immigration? Are you saying that it would be ok to treat an illegal immigrant this way? Are you human? If I owned this blog, I'd ban you.

  5. astonerii:

    The owner of the blog hates the Maricopa police because it actually does the job people pay it to do, particularly the part about catching and deporting illegal aliens. Thus, the reason why this would be a sure thing for him to post on his blog. Anything that makes Sheriff Joe Arpaio look bad is a win in his book.

    He lives in one of the posh neighborhoods where he is not subjected to the perils of living with illegal aliens, only the benefits of hiring them to do things for him cheap, and then sends them back over to the other side of town where they belong.

  6. RRR:

    ... "Which means that unlike what they are trying to portray here as an isolated incident due to one bad apple, this is a systematic culture of violence against citizens that pervades the whole organization."

    There is no truth to some imaginary "Blue Wall" in the world of LE!

    Radley Balko tracks this crap every day. http://www.theagitator.com/#026389

    Too Bad the MSM is afraid to step on some toes of our fearless hero crime fighters that each and every one of whom put theirs very lives at risk every single day! And they do it all for pennies an hour too!

  7. EarlW:

    astonerii, you wrote "There are many problems that unlimited immigration from inferior cultures cause." are in a post where Warren writes "I find the argument that open immigration and an overly-generous welfare state can’t coexist to be moderately compelling".

    Inferior cultures? Your racism and intolerance are showing. What country did YOUR ancestors come from. Maybe _that's_ the problem.

    Immigration is great. It made America the greatest country in the world. The welfare state is now killing it.
    People are risking their lives to come to a country where they can work hard and make a better life for themselves and their families. They want to work at productive jobs, make money and pay taxes. What's not to like?

    The existing immigration system (like most of the government) is broken and cannot be repaired. Fix the unlimited freebies at tax-payer expense and there will no longer be a problem with immigration.

    This post was about the police state and the use of force by government workers. Arpaio is a tyrant, and the employees in the video should be prosecuted.

  8. RRR:

    And what sticks it's all too common head up as we view one set of wipes with badges.... of course another example of our heros in action..

    This bunch has a couple years worth of research needed to sort them out.

  9. RRR:

    No comprede, so I make look like picture! You Like? We do good work?


    I don't care how many come aboard LEGALLY!

  10. Tim:

    While live streams would certainly help keep eyes behind the walls, there is a reason why you don't want to end up in there and a reason that we're not allowed to see behind the gate. It's not pretty and not worth trying to watchdog.

  11. dave smith:

    This is a culture created by management. If Joe would create an environment where human beings were thought of as human beings, this would not happen. But of course, it is not just Sheriff Joe.

  12. dave smith:

    Sheriff Joe is really out of character in this video...I mean a crime has been committed...the law is the law, so he should do what ever it takes, right?

    Can you see him saying: "To stop illegal immigration, we'd have to hire, like, 30 people."

  13. A Friend:

    Wow, "Abu-zonia."

  14. astonerii:

    EarlW: "nferior cultures? Your racism and intolerance are showing."

    Your lack of brainpower is showing.

    Culture and Race are completely separate things. Many blacks from the exact same tribes of the past now have completely separate cultures, christian, muslim, other. Greeks, who have been greeks for several thousand years have completely different cultures, depending on if they live in the southern cities, northern cities or in the country side.

    Successful countries emigrate far fewer people, thus most immigrants, particularly the illegal variety are from unsuccessful countries with inferior cultures. Cultures that do not have good work ethics. Cultures that do no abide the rule of law. Cultures where every bit of the government is corrupted beyond use. Countries like Mexico, many African Nations, some European ones come to mind as having inferior cultures.

    You are correct that I am a descendant of immigrants. Typical of almost all pre 1970's immigration, an immigrant left his home country knowing he would likely never see it again, leaving behind family and friends. The journey was frequently dangerous, but the reward at the end of the trip was a chance to be an American, become an American, not an Irish-American, not an African-American, just an American. Once in country the immigrants worked hard to learn the language, learn the norms, to fit and and not damage the culture and seeing if the people were losers willing to tolerate having their community damaged by poor culture a part of which is ethics. They very quickly adopted their new home country which the loved and were loyal to. This contrasts markedly with the recent immigration groups which refuse to learn English, which refuse to have and show love and loyalty to this great nation, which refuse to follow our laws and basic norms. I detest multiculturalism, even as I know most cultures have good in them that we can learn from, as America has done for 500 years. There is a difference between being tolerant of entire cultures (tolerant means that you are uncomfortable with but willing to allow something bad to continue), particularly bad cultures, such as those from Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and being a discriminant culture that reviews the cultures of others and picks and chooses the best of the best from all to create a great melting pot culture that is superior.

    If you are such a tolerant person, I would like to see you tolerate a decade living in any country of my choosing, you will not be given money and will have to earn your own way. Tolerance, it is what pisses you off that you must embrace, because liberal "progressive" rejects demand it.

  15. skh.pcola:

    @astonerii: I've found that "tut-tutting," cultural- and moral relativists--such as EarlW--are the same irony-challenged wannabe elitists who think that California or Massachusetts or whatever enlightened locale wherein they reside is vastly superior to, say, Mississippi or Alabama. [Pick your contrasting places...North vs. South, East coast vs. West coast, etc.] These folks have had their brains eroded by years of progressives telling them everybody and every culture is special and worthy of intense empathy and latitude. Whatever. I agree with you. There are countries, peoples, and cultures that are innately inferior and should be excluded from "civilization." That's self-evident to anybody who's been anywhere and done much of anything outside of the US.