I watched 2081 on video the other day -- it claims to be based on a Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, which I will have to take on faith because I never read that short story.  The film is only 20 minutes or so long, but I thought it was a pretty powerful statement on egalitarianism.  Recommended.


  1. MarkH:

    Interestingly, Vonnegut's short story was originally published in National Review. Here it is:



  2. Sol:

    Harrison Bergeron is a real classic, and will take you less time to read than the film did to watch. (I'd say libertarian classic, but that's not quite right... can't think of a word to properly describe it. Of a piece with Rush's "The Trees", I guess.)

  3. morganovich:

    i remember first reading harrison bergeron in high school.

    it is still one of my all time favorites.

    if you like that, try "sredni vashtar" by saki. it's about 4 pages long and absolutely riveting.


  4. Jason:

    How good was the film, so sad though, but a really powerful statement on the logical end of the "equality of outcome" mentality.

  5. Paavo Ojala:

    Sol: Rush's The Trees seems like a bad parable for libertarians, as the competition that makes trees so tall seems just wasteful. The amount of light is limited and growing taller to get more of it is a zero sum competition.