When Bloggers are Too Young

I am not trying to be a crotchety old guy, but sometimes the quality of blog comment is affected by the fact that bloggers are too freaking young.  On any number of issues, from climate to politics, I see folks treating certain events as unprecedented that anyone with a memory of the seventies (or even the eighties) could put in much better context.

Here is a good example.  Dumb girl creates fake thesis rating college boys she slept with, grading them on their sexual pros and cons.  It inevitably gets in the wild and much angst and hilarity ensues.

But this kind of thing is old news.  I remember for example, in the late seventies or early eighties (can't find a link) a couple of women from Yale published a book on the boys at Yale and their sexual pros and cons, including a star-rating system.  And they published proudly and knowingly, no accidentally.


  1. DrTorch:

    Yeah, and it was 2800 years ago that a wise king penned (in a book not unlike a blog) , "There's nothing new under the sun."

    So, perhaps you're a bit young too.

  2. TomP:

    What would have happened to a dumb boy doing something similar?

  3. ElamBend:

    Tucker Max has made a career of it

  4. TomP:

    Tucker Max? Never hear of him. Hope he sees a lot of lawsuits.

  5. Foxfier:

    Reminds me of a pet peeve of my own... folks writing online posts who assume everyone is as old as they are. (generally not blogs, so much, as online magazines)

    The folks who were in college in the late 70s-- figure they were 20 in 1980, just to have a number-- are now old enough to be grandparents. Thirty years is a long time back-- not quite as bad as the folks who assume we all know about Goldwater's campaign, and the John Birch society, but it is quite a bit back.

    I looked around and couldn't find anything on the Yale book-- if you can remember some more details, maybe I can find a link for you?

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