How Can A Prius Possibly Compete With This?

via How to Be a Retronaut

"American company Fiberglass Freaks is producing officially licensed, road-legal 1966 Batmobiles. And yes, the flamethrower works.Each car costs $149,999 (£95,000), takes six months to build and features an array of working gadgets, including a red flashing beacon, a radar screen called "˜Detect-a-scope', a retractable, gold-coloured "˜Batbeam' and a dashboard DVD player.

More pictures at the source.


  1. Mark:

    I've always thought it'd be funny if some high-end modification shop undertook a project to take a Prius and soup it up -- put in a massive gas-guzzling engine, fat tires, and so forth -- just to tweak the enviro-weenies who drive a Prius with religious fervor.

  2. perlhaqr:

    Well, on price, for one point...

    Mark: I like the idea, but unfortunately, it would be a violation of federal law to do so and operate it on the street.

  3. perlhaqr:

    Though you could take a Prius and gut it and put it on a different chassis, and that would be legal.

  4. DirtCrashr:

    I'd love to see a redneck Prius with a 12-inch lift kit and 35-inch Baja Claw tires - and a Dodge 2500 under the hood!