If You Have to Go Negative...

Greg Patterson has an interesting post (at least to political neophytes like me) on how not to write a political hit piece.  For example:

The theme of the piece is that Jim Ward is an outsider and that Schweikert is a career politician.  Then lead quote is from...an incumbent Congressman.  Dude, that's awesome.  I like John Shadegg, but he's been in Congress for 16 years.  So Ward is telling me that he's an outsider by showing me that he's been endorsed Arizona's longest-serving Republican Congressman?


  1. Not Sure:

    The campaign I don't understand is John McCain's. He's apparently concluded that painting his challenger, J.D. Hayworth, as an "insider" is the path to victory.

    But is there any time at all in his entire life that John McCain wasn't fed, housed and clothed by the American people? How much more "inside" does it get?

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    The actual important part of said propaganda is that Harry Mitchell (D-moron) is toast.

    Note to Rahm Emanuel:

    A bad hit piece is like watching a child who thinks he has learned to cuss. He has the words right, but it's so obvious that he doesn't understand what he's saying that instead of being shocked, everyone laughs.