Guilty Pleasures

Pursued two guilty pleasures this weekend:

  1. Saw Kick Ass, despite Roger Ebert's plea that I should not.  Enjoyed it, though maybe it has been a bit over-hyped.  Mindy was the greatest -- in the credits my son checked out the actresses name.  He said he needed to know so he could marry her some day.
  2. Played Just Cause 2.  A bit like Grand Theft Auto, but I never really liked the GTA franchise but enjoy this game.  Basically it is about blowing things up and killing people in a faraway land to create Chaos.  Very open-ended, with some nice travel dynamics, particularly with the grapple and parachute.


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    I enjoyed the fact that Kick Ass will make certain groups of people apoplectic almost as I enjoyed the actual film. A fun departure from the two existing genres of comic-inspired movies: those that are ridiculously family-friendly, and those that take themselves way too seriously. Even my wife (who's not a fan of comic book flicks) liked it.

    I wish I had some time to play half the video games I have gathering dust, let alone a new one...

  2. zero wolf:

    your son will go far. tell him not to wait *too* long before he scoops her up, though. back when 'animal house' came out, there was an astonishingly beautiful girl, lisa baur, who played "shelley dubinsky", the roommate of the dead girl that otter claimed to be "engaged to be engaged" to. you remember: when poor shelley had to break the awful news to otter, he reached out to her in his 'grief' and 'despair', and said, "i just don't think i can be alone tonight. and could you get dates for my friends??"

    i made a sacred vow, then and there, that she would be *MINE*. (although, to be fair, so did pretty much every other young male who saw the movie.) drop-dead gorgeous. eyes so radiant they could stop your heart if she looked at you just right. and then she just...disappeared. dropped off the face of the earth. IMDB's got nada on her since animal house.

    SOMEbody snapped her up. dammit.

  3. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    Q: What did you play?

    Just Cause.

    Q: Why did you play it?

    Just Cause.


  4. IgotBupkis:

    Ben: Thanks. ROTFLMAO.

    Here's a YouTube link, the advantage being you can actually save it if you like, since there are lots of YT saving tools.

  5. jeff:

    hi all.
    I enjoyed the fact that Kick Ass will make certain groups of people apoplectic almost as I enjoyed the actual film.

  6. mbts-mbtshoes:

    Why did you play it?

  7. IgotBupkis:

    > Why did you play it?

    You EVIL bastard...!!

    Must.... resist....



    I won't say it.



  8. Cilla Mitchell, Galveston Texas:

    I loved Kick Ass! Great movie. I certainly don't feel guilty for seeing it.

  9. mesaeconoguy:

    Will someone kick Roger Ebert’s ass? I’m tired of that asshole.