Why Do I Need an Apology

I saw some news story that Tiger Woods was going to publicly apologize.  Why?  What did he do to me?  He is either good with his wife and kids or he is not.  The rest of us are irrelevant.  I suppose he could apologize to us for letting us down by under-performing his public  image, but in turn we should all apologize for feeding like emotional vultures on his family's personal problems.   Besides, he has taken a $100 million a year hit for the damage he did to his own image.  I am willing to call things square between us.


  1. Sam:

    Damn right he better apologize. He never called and invited me along on one of his little excursions.

  2. Esox Lucius:

    Tiger could nail me for $100M. I'll even bring the vasoline.

  3. Cilla Mitchell, Galveston, Texas:

    He will probably apologize for getting caught.

  4. Dan:

    Agreed. Good post.

  5. Bob Smith:

    When is his wife going to apologize for beating him with a golf club?

  6. Rob:

    When will he apologize to all men for getting beat up by a girl?

  7. Mesa Econoguy:

    Q: What do Tiger Woods & baby seals have in common?

    A: They both get clubbed by the Swedes…

  8. Gil:

    I presume he trying to regain the support of his family-friendly audience and sponsors.

  9. Saloner:

    This is where he loses my respect entirely.

  10. IgotBupkis:

    Clearly, Tiger was spending too much time working his pecker rather than practicing with his wood.

    Or is it the other way around...?

  11. Raven:

    This sex rehab thing stinks of a PR campaign - go to rehab so you can pretend something has changed and seek redemption.
    He is a philanderer - something men have been doing for ages. It is in their genes.
    It is not a 'condition' requiring 'treatment'

  12. Caymus:

    It is not a ‘condition’ requiring ‘treatment’-Raven

    So True, nor a condition requiring an apology.

  13. Methinks:

    When is his wife going to apologize for beating him with a golf club?

    At an appropriate time after he apologizes to his wife for exposing her to whatever diseases he caught from his long parade of skanky whores.

  14. DrTorch:

    And even in this thread his discretions become fodder.

    I agree w/ the original post. Tiger owes me nothing. And if someone out there was so crushed by his behavior that they "need" an apology, then they're in need of treatment just like Tiger.

  15. Ed Flinn:

    That noise you thought you heard outside the window last week?


    That dollar bill showing George Washington as a pot-smoking hippy?


    That shopping cart with the bad wheel that you keep getting?


  16. Rick Caird:

    It is sad to say, but there are people who are personally offended by Tiger and his actions. You see they rooted for him during all those tournaments and surely they would not have done so if they had only known.

  17. Jess:

    The 1st words from Tiger tomorrow:

    'Scuse me while I whip this out"...

  18. Ron H.:

    " And if someone out there was so crushed by his behavior that they “need” an apology, then they’re in need of treatment just like Tiger."

    You mean they need to be introduced to a long succession of skanky whores?

  19. John Moore:

    Tiger Woods is a public figure, and was often held out as a great example of success and character.

    As such, it is appropriate that he apologize to the public for his dishonesty to us, and for any negative effect his behavior may have had on children who idolized him.

    It's the right thing to do (if he really means it).

  20. Ken:

    What amuses me are the representatives of the jackal media harrumphing all week -- before the fact -- that whatever the heck Tiger Woods did today (I got better things to do) wasn't going to be good enough, meaning that his carcass wasn't to be thrown to said jackals on live teevee.