Single Best Reason To Live In Arizona

Well, maybe the second best reason... the first best is that it was 75F today.  But the second best reason is that my son got his driver's license today, and it expires in the year 2059.  I kid you not -- get your license at 16 and there are no more renewals until you are 65 years old.  Have fun at the DMV.


  1. coyote little sis:

    To my nephew: Congratulations and enjoy the ride.
    To my brother: I know you say you are ready for him to haul his own ass around town, but I highly recommend zoloft or lexapro. And a son driving now?? Crap, you're old.
    Just kidding. sort of.

  2. Allen:

    Congrats to your son.

    DL good until 65? Nice. Any reason why other states don't do this?

  3. Bob Smith:

    Any reason why other states don’t do this?

    Licensing fees?

  4. txjim:

    And I thought good ol Texas was benevolent. Thx Coyote for giving me more info - which equals another stick to whack my reps with!

  5. rxc:

    Here in France, they are issued for life. Makes good fun comparing license photos from a long time ago...

  6. Tim Worstall:

    UK...until you're 70.

    Used to cause fun and games when renting a car in the US. The expiry date is when?

  7. D McKay:

    My 16 year old son gets his Saturday. Indiana is good for 5 years. The BMV likes the fees. I'm looking forward to my insurance rates skyrocketing.

  8. DreamLiner:

    Hmmm.... if DL in Arizona is paid for like in Virginia (you pay, I believe $4/year, i.e. if you get the license today and it expires in 2020 it will cost $40), it means that AZ DMV made money from you. It's guaranteed that your son will change addresses several times between now and 2059.

  9. tomw:

    Here in GA, they are advertising on the radio about their new 'improved security' licensing procedure.
    Next time your license expires, you must go in person to the DMV for renewal, and bring along a birth certificate or other 'proof of residency / citizenship' before a renewal will be effected.
    They cry and howl when a simple request is made for picture identification(provided at no cost) when voting, but not a whimper for requiring even more identification to get RE-licensed.
    This applies to everyone, no matter the age nor even living at the same address for 50 years.
    Idiots in charge, situation normal.


  10. Dan:

    Here in Illinois, it's every five years or so, but to their credit they give you an extra few years for safe driving, so mine was extended.

    However, except for fees, I can't understand why it has to be done so often. Maybe it's so the photo is updated so that a cop can recognize at a traffic stop if he has the right person or if the license was stolen?

  11. Captain Obviousness:

    Do you ever have to get a new photo taken? Normally in CA you have to get a new photo after only 5 years (or less?) if your first DL is at age 16, and every 10 years thereafter (I think). For some reason (I think I had a broken leg) I was able to exempt myself from that requirement. At age 29, I would get a lot of skeptical cashiers/bartenders when I'd try to buy alcohol ("that's not you" etc.).

  12. Dr. T:

    Allen said: "... DL good until 65? Nice. Any reason why other states don’t do this?"

    Despite its name, the most common use of a driver's license is confirming identification at places of business such as stores, banks, airports, car rental kiosks, notary publics, etc. When you are 64, you won't look like the photo of your 16-year-old self on your 48-year-old driver's license. Therefore, if you have a very old driver's license, you may need a second form of photo ID.

    Tennessee requires renewals every five years, but no new photo is required. This definitely is a revenue-generating process. Tennessee's original drivers licenses had no photos, so there are people over sixty with valid licenses that have no photo. Weird.

  13. MikeinAppalachia:

    Neat! Tim Worstall posts here!
    Of course the other states' want their license fees-but then, there's e.g., Ohio's renewal that requires passing an eye exam which might be a reasonable periodic requirement of drivers.

  14. Don:

    I'm from Florida and the last real DL I bought was in 1989 when I was 34 years old. They just kept sending me renewal stickers to put on the back of it every 6 years. Banks used to flag me and say my DL was expired and I'd tell them to look at the back with the new expiration date. Many tellers were skeptical and went looking for a supervisor for approval. Ya know, its not even about the fees anymore cause the DMV spends way more than it collects. Its about control.

  15. Rick C:

    Until 65, huh? I thought they used to be good for about 30 years, but maybe that was when the person whose ID I'd seen was 65. South Carolina does 10-year licenses, which beats a lot of other states.