Photography is Not a Crime

I made this from a link at Radley Balko's site for Carlos Miller.



  1. Carlos Miller:

    I absolutely love it! I need to find a spot on my blog to permanently place it.

  2. Cold Englishman:

    Oh yes it is!

    Been here for a while, and probably coming to you too.

  3. Mike C.:

    I'm not very good at these things, but you might also try...

    "Some people have extra"

    That's a Darwin award in the making right there.

  4. Douglas2:

    I was going to point out the obvious about the compressing effects of using telephoto lenses, and how the guy with the camera is probably not anywhere near "in front of" that shotgun thing. But it is said so much better and with more authority on Carlos Millers blog, so go there.

  5. Bearster:

    What's the context?

    Isn't it supposed to be the Left who makes their case in bumper stickers, sound bites, and other contextless--but emotionally charged--ways? Isn't the case for liberty better served by cool, rational explanation with full context?

  6. damaged justice:

    Bearster: Sometimes an explanation with full context is appropriate. And sometimes, one's goals are better served with a pithy rejoinder that leaves no room for compromise or "debate".

  7. Bearster:

    Wasn't it James Hansen who declared that environmentalists have to choose the right balance between being effective and being truthful?

    Wasn't it some leftist newspaper who, when caught in a lie, declared that it was "fake but accurate"?

    You can't smuggle the cause of liberty using lies. That tactic works for our enemies but not for us.

  8. Fetri:

    I'm from Indonesia. I recognise the uniform of the anti-terror cop with the rifle, and the boots of our traffic police (just on top of the rifle barrel). It's nothing sinister. My guess is this scene is from a PUBLIC display of VIP Security & Evacuation drill that the local Police Department organise on a regular basis.

    If you come down to Jakarta, cops are actually happy to pose for pictures, on their own or with you. A nice change from controlling unruly drivers on the roads and traffic jams. There are even tourist cops who can help you take pictures of you.