On Glenn Beck Show Tonight

Talking about park privatization around 5:40 Eastern (though the segment has gotten bumped once before).


  1. Jens Fiederer:

    P.M. (17:20-17:40), I trust?

  2. Jim Clay:

    Wow- hitting the big time. I hope that the exposure does some good.

  3. Mike Slater:

    Good luck! Glenn is the best and you'll go a great job. Will be watching,

  4. Evil Red Scandi:

    Nice! I hope the hamsters running your blog will be up for the traffic...

  5. Max:

    Hope you don't want to strangle the not so bright Mr. Beck. (Self-described libertarian, big time Conservative...) But always good to get word out there that private business is not bad...

  6. Captain Obviousness:

    Wow, congratulations! Don't forget to subtly mention Coyote Blog ever other sentence ;)

  7. Matt:

    Awesome Warren! Get the word out!

  8. Paul:

    Contact me---I will be your next manager/superintendent for park management endeavors.
    Love your idea!

  9. Pat Landy:

    Wasn't paying much attention... Beck's show sound in the background.. then I heard Warren Meyer... what the heck... Hope to see you on again with a sensible discussion of AGW.... You must have very competent personnel in your organization, I couldn't imagine your having the time to to keep up the blogs otherwise.. Good Job!!
    Pat Landy

  10. Noodlehead:

    Great job, Warren!

    Glenn was firing off very rapidly, but you managed to display your amiable intelligence and present your business model as sensible, practical and an excellent alternative to state run money loss and failure.


  11. Evan:

    Just caught the segment on FoxNews and found the blog. Good stuff here. Park privatization makes too much sense...I did some work with infrastructure privatization in my MBA program and I see many interesting parallels. You may find this link interesting; the Facilities Finance and Investment Inititive at Virginia Tech: (http://www.mlsoc.vt.edu/people/garvin/)
    Keep up the good work! I'm off to hike the Appalachian Trail...

  12. LoneSnark:

    he kinda asked you why privatization was rejected as a solution, practically begging you to tell him what you told us: the parks are a pawn used by the parks department to extract money from the legislature. Are you afraid that government representatives are more likely to see you on Beck and be offended at the assertion?