New York Takes a Cue From Italy

Via the NY Daily News:

The race for governor just got a whole lot sexier.

"Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis is tossing her lacy brassiere into the political ring - with the help of one of the GOP's most fearsome strategists.

Though he's often labeled a "trickster," former Nixon, Reagan and Bushes operative Roger Stone tells us he's dead serious about getting Davis on the ballot.

"This is not a hoax, a prank or a publicity stunt," said Stone, who has been quietly huddling with Davis for months. "I want to get her a half-million votes."

I love this:

Davis laid out her credentials last weekend at a Libertarian Party convention on the lower East Side.

"I was valedictorian of my high-school class," said the golden-tressed Davis, sporting a modest black suit but wicked Christian Louboutins with 5-inch heels. "I worked 10 years in finance. I was vice president of a hedge fund. I went on to build a multimillion-dollar business from scratch."

While branding "taxation as confiscation," the former escort empress said the legalization of prostitution and marijuana could provide $2.5 billion in revenue to help close the budget gap.

"I'm a natural Libertarian," said Davis, who also embraces gay marriage and the views of the National Rifle Association.

And here is some great political strategy:

Even though she needs only 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot, she's shooting for 45,000 - and Stone doesn't see any problem getting them.

"Kristin knows lots of Penthouse Pets," he said. "We'll get four, make them notary publics and have them, suitably attired, collecting signatures at Grand Central Station during rush hour."


  1. Captain Obviousness:

    Too bad she looks like a caricature of prostitute or stripper. Too many people will write her off based on appearance alone.

  2. Evil Red Scandi:

    Queue or cue? Or are you referring to the people lining up to sign her ballot access petitions...?

  3. DrTorch:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but would a "natural Libertarian" be arguing for how much tax revenue they could produce by legalizing vices?

  4. Lorenzo (from downunder):

    but would a “natural Libertarian” be arguing for how much tax revenue they could produce by legalizing vices?
    One who would advance liberty by stages?

  5. IgotBupkis:

    > Correct me if I’m wrong, but would a “natural Libertarian” be arguing for how much tax revenue they could produce by legalizing vices?

    Any libertarian who actually has any honest claim to the name would be arguing for reduced, not increased, taxes. The fact that legalizing and taxing vices might take some of the tax burden off of other sources does not alter that overall aim.

  6. smurfy:

    This is OT but everytime I hear someone talk about legalize then tax vice this thought comes up: A year ago I was walking through downtown Reno late at night. I was propositioned by two prostitutes in 4 blocks. Now you can drive 15 minutes east and avoid the legal and much of the health risks by going to the legal brothels. Yet *ladies* still walk the streets. When you tax a good several hundred percent and then zone it into really inconvenient places (like most small towns at least are doing with med mar dispensaries) a black market emerges anyway.