Updated Climate Presentation

I have cleaned up my Powerpoint presentation and added my narration on the notes pages. I have this available both as a .ppt file as well as a pdf. The pdf, I think, works particularly well -- it looks and reads more like a book. This is my best current cut at presenting the science of the skeptic's position and mostly supersedes my earlier book. Right click either to download. You are welcome to use the presentation with your own local groups.

Powerpoint presentation with notes pages (.ppt)

Adobe Acrobat .pdf file

Some example pages:

example-page-1 example-page-2


  1. Geoff:

    Interestingly the Glacier retreating graph starts exactly at the start of the industrial revolution here in the UK :-)

  2. Link:

    You call this science ???

    1) AGW theory may be based on flawed data. For all we know, we could already be entering a long-term cooling period. The data collection practices that have been used have been conceptually flawed, and may also have been affected by unintentional -- and even intentional -- observer bias. We've seen evidence of this already.

    2) Based on this data, AGW theory assumes that CO2 must be the cause -- when it could be lots of things, and in combination. Lots of things on Earth absorb light. I for one am I highly skeptical that atmospheric CO2 is the culprit -- if there is a culprit -- because it has so little mass. CO2 would have to have truly magical thermodynamic properties to do this -- if that were true, we could make a commercially viable heat pump apparatus with it. Assuming correlation to be causation is a fundamental deviation from scientific method. This has gotten scant attention.

    3) The sun is an obvious exogenous factor in this -- and potentially overwhelming -- yet AGW theory assumes it to be a constant. Physicists and others have started exploring this, and have put forward interesting alternative explanations -- but these have been largely ignored.

    4) CO2-based AGW is only a theory. Models based on its assumptions aren't proof. These models compound the problem by imbedding further assumptions. These models haven't even fit the last ten years of actual experience.

    5) There's a surprisingly small core group of scientists at the heart of AGW theory, and it's incestuous. This was the real revelation of Climategate. There's also a lot of official trappings that have been purposefully used to obscure this. NASA-Goddard for example is James Hansen's private domain, and has nothing to do with the rocketeers. Hansen has operated on his own for thirty years with little accountability. I put up a detailed post here back on Dec 26 that suggests that Hansen may be a certifiable nut.

    AGW theory should be called out for what it is -- a bigger fraud than Bernie Madoff. As frauds go, they have a lot in common. AGW has the added element of being the Big Lie that many in authority now don't want exposed.

    AGW theory has already had significant political consequences. The train left the station on this with what the EPA has done -- and will do. The only way to derail this train is to expose the Big Lie. Al Gore needs to be hunted down with dogs. MSM needs to be exposed as shills -- this isn't the only thing they've mis-reported.

  3. Greg:

    Just finished the PDF. Nice work and very clear.

    Have you seen this paper by Rutan? He's also an Engineer and he has very similar conclusions to yours.