Vogon Poetry

Try to listen without any sharp instruments at hand.


  1. Ron H.:

    Too bad Gore didn't hear this calling earlier in his life. If he had pursued poetry instead of politics, we would never have heard of him and he would be writing it during his meal breaks at a fast food restaurant.

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    I think he did, Ron, but he flunked that, too.

  3. Kris:

    Wow, I think the world has a bigger problem than Global Warming... if Al Gore becomes any more of a narcissist he will implode like a dying star and we will all be consumed by the black hole that is him.

  4. Cold Englishman:

    And this is the man who was a heartbeat from being President. Scaaaaaary!

  5. Scott:

    Al Gore is a Vogon, love it!

  6. Mike:

    Is there such a thing as ear bleach?

  7. BlogDog:

    What is it about failed Dems and poetry? Dhimmi Carter actually gets a book of his random assemblages of words published and now Algore again demonstrates the level of intellect that made him drop out of divinity school.

    I wrote better poetry than that in high school. And I wrote some real crap back then.