The Science Has Been Settled the Same Way Elections Are Settled in Cuba

Via Wawick Hughes, this "voting" site is pretty funny.


Apparently Google has launched a site where you can "vote" on climate change and the IPCC process.  Except that you can only vote "yes." Fill in your name and hit submit, and you are counted as having voted the party line.  Seriously.  Since when does this meet anyone's definition of "vote?"

Every day Google innovationist Justin Baird pedals to work at the internet giant, where he is thinking big in his global campaign to act on climate change.

"My personal mission is to drive positive change through technology," he said.

"I am in a position where I can understand the issues surrounding climate change. And understanding the technology solution that can empower us to communicate collectively."

I guess we know now why Google did not have any qualms about cooperating with the Chinese government. They have been "communicating collectively" in their elections for years.

"From your local postcode it aggregates it together to a state level, then country level, then across the world, so what we're doing is generating a global statistic. Over time it starts to generate and show the strength of public support of what's happening," Mr Baird said.

Wow - I am predicting his point of view wins in a landslide

Chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, Tim Flannery, says the Google tool is an interesting invention.

"I can imagine a day not so long from now where the UN secretary-general is elected through Show Your Vote. It's a very interesting world that we're entering into," he said.

Yeah, unfortunately, I can imagine a day too.  Already leaders around the world in countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran are elected just this way.


  1. link:

    I call them the 3Gs: Goldman, GE and google.

    Obama can get Google CEO Eric Schmidt to play ball by hinting at an antitrust investigation.

    Keith Olbermann doesn't have to worry about his declining ratings, Jeff Immelt will more than make it up selling windmills.

  2. Quint X:

    It's truly sad that we have come to the point in our culture where obfuscation and deceit are now considered virtuous in the service of saving the planet.

  3. Thomas:

    Quint X: I know it's becoming cliched to say this, but view it through the lens of religion -- which is what environmentalism has become -- and it all makes sense.

    The establishment now publicly practices environmentalism the way the establishment 150 years ago publicly practiced Christianity.

  4. John Moore:

    Well, there goes YOUR google page rank!

  5. Jay:

    Someone needs to turn this map on the enviro-nazis. Take the final results, but then assume everyone who didn't vote yes, otherwise voted no. Put the yeas next to the nays (I expect most of the African continent will be nays) and send the map into Fox News. Let them propogate it and when Google tries to defend the irrationality of the altered map they will have to admit to how absurd and biased their application is.

  6. elambend:

    I love how so many corporations have these cush positions that essentially do nothing outside BS PR. Something tells me that this guy has never had to stay past 5 on a Friday (or any day) short of the day before some conference where he goes and extols the greeness of one of the biggest user of server farms.
    Does Google have anything outside it's core advertising and R&D division that is cash flowing?

    I could also mention the VP of Community Outreach position that the wife of a local state senator got and almost double her previous wage at the same business (hospital). Fortunately, he got a new job and she's moved to an unpaid position.

  7. Jens Fiederer:

    Not clear that this is really a Google project....clearly it's from somebody AT Google (apparently pretty high up) and a demonstration of tools BY Google - but all I see it as is a Justin Baird project, not an actual Google project.

    Although if Google objects, they haven't shown it yet.

  8. Kyle Bennett:

    I voted, as the organization "Climate Change is BS", which was the only field that accepted free-form text. It would be nice if that organization were to have a few thousand "members" all of a sudden.

  9. Link:

    For all the heat over AGW lately, I haven't seen much light. The following is an eye opener. Apparently physicists are starting to get into climate science. String theory is going nowhere, so they need a new gig. You have to be really smart to be a physicist and they worship at the altar of the scientific method. From what I've learned lately, I wouldn't let a climate scientist valet park my Ford Escort.

    The following link includes a video of a June 2009 70 minute presentation by Jasper Kirby, a physicist at CERN who's mostly been working on atom smashing. If we were back in World War II, Kirby is the kind of guy we wouldn't want to fall into enemy hands. If I was Vannevar Bush, I know where I'd send Michael Mann.

    Kirby is working on the idea that the controlling mechanism of climate change is cloud formation driven by cosmic rays which are modulated by variations of the solar wind, which in turn is controlled by sunspot activity. Who would have thought that the Sun might be a big driver of climate change?

    I've only watched part of the 70 minutes, but want to come back. I can tell already that Kirby talks like a scientist. He prefaces that he's only got a theory, that it seems to fit the facts, he criticizes his theory as he goes along, and says that he has lots of questions he can't answer without more data. But he is saying that his theory hangs together, fits with a variety of different data, and is explanatory. This is 180 degrees from forecasting TEOFTWAWKI from the rings of a single Siberian tree.

    I skipped to the end of the presentation. One of his points is that you can't make conclusions about AGW without better understanding the effect of the Sun, because it's potentially an overwhelming factor. No shit.

    There's more -- here's the Holy Shit headline. Kirby and others have expected a decline in sunspots for a few years now -- so far validated by experience. Thus they expect that the Earth is entering a cooling period. Reread that last sentence slowly.

    The Truth is Out There

  10. Saloner:

    That line about the Chinese and "collective communication" was inspired.
    I just hope we don't see a NYT headline that points to a "Google survey showing overwhelming support for climate change intervention."

  11. DJB:

    If a "yes" vote is tallied by submitting a vote, then by default, a "no" vote must be tallied by not submitting a vote. The ratios should look like this "yes" vote/everyone in the world vs. [(everyone in the world) - ("yes" votes)]/everyone in the world. I look forward to the results.

  12. O Bloody Hell:

    > It’s truly sad that we have come to the point in our culture where obfuscation and deceit are now considered virtuous in the service of saving the planet.

    I think this sort of crap has always been around, it's just that we're getting less and less naive about it.

    Not to suggest a real Change is not in order (as opposed to the Obama variety).

    > I just hope we don’t see a NYT headline that points to a “Google survey showing overwhelming support for climate change intervention.”

    ... a case in point for naivete... :oD

  13. John Dougan:

    Wonder how hard it would be to make an equal and opposite petition to the Google one.

  14. Elliot:

    As far as String Theory, the book Not Even Wrong does a great job of showing how that has failed one version after another. Fascinating story.

    By way of voting "Yes" the Wizard of Id had it years ago. The balloteer asks why a blade is hovering over the "No" vote. The official explains, "Then he'll have a hand left to vote "Yes".


  15. Maurice:

    Why would ANYONE think that it couldn't be a Google project?

    Note today that the dedicated Leftists at Google have nothing on the Google search page.

    Bing has a picture of Pearl Harbor, with the USS Arizona Memorial in the left-center of the page.

    Similarly, on 9/11, Google had nothing, other search engines had reminders of the WTC's. And there is the bowing to Chinese censorship...Google has become as bad as much of the MSM, dedicated to Leftist agendas. Nauseating.

  16. O Bloody Hell:

    Oh, and, By the way... anyone besides me see a
    certain irony (yes, Alanis -- real irony)
    in the word on the button -- "Submit"?

  17. Vilmos:

    > Every day Google innovationist Justin Baird pedals to work at the internet giant

    Oh, Google, the paragon of moderation. I am wondering if Google's founders also pedal to the nearby airport.

    Google Founders’ Ultimate Perk: A NASA Runway

    In the annals of perks enjoyed by America’s corporate executives, the founders of Google may have set a new standard: an uncrowded, federally managed runway for their private jet that is only a few minutes’ drive from their offices.

    For $1.3 million a year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin get to park their customized wide-body Boeing 767-200, as well as two other jets used by top Google executives, on Moffett Field, an airport run by NASA that is generally closed to private aircraft.


  18. Warwick Hughes:

    Thanks Coyote for running with this, I enjoyed your readers comments.