Is It Real, or is it the Onion

One of these is an actual product, and one is a joke invention from the Onion.  Can you guess which?

ipod-pet-bowl-dock ipod-vaccum-dock

So which is it - the ipod dock in a pet bowl or the ipod dock in a vacuum cleaner.  One has to be real, they are not both fake, though neither make any sense to me.

The vacuum.

The pet bowl.


  1. Kyle Bennett:

    The vacuum one makes a little sense, though just barely.

  2. O Bloody Hell:

    I concur with Kyle. I can see both as ridiculous, but I can actually see pet-loving morons buying the ipod pet bowl, too. The vacuum one makes some vague sense because I can certainly see playing music while you're vacuuming. It seems absurd to attach ipod circuitry to it simply because I don't see (hopefully) anyone not a professional vacuuming for that long, and I'll assume this isn't aimed at someone operating a commercial service like a maid service, who might actually use the vacuum enough each day to justify it.

  3. John Moore:

    The vacuum one just might be a good marketing gimmick, at virtually no cost. Heck, it just got a link from this site, after all!

  4. former_scribe:

    Cheated by looking up "TechnoPetz" to confirm what I already suspected - the pet bowl IPod dock is one of the Onion's cute pre-printed gift boxes you can buy to cause a strained smile on an insignificant other's face when you give him/her an otherwise lame holiday present. Cute little exercise. Happy end of the year to everyone.

  5. jay:

    Why would you buy an ipod equipped vacuum when you can simply wear one on an armband doing anything? (I've seen people at a nudist club wearing ONLY an ipod)