We had a really good crowd out last night for my climate lecture.  I am currently working on publishing the video and the slides.  I am going to destroy the email list for this lecture, but before I do so I am going to send everyone a link to the slides and video when I get them posted.  If you would like to be notified when these are up, you may join the email list here.


  1. LoneSnark:

    Why are you going to destroy it? Worried the Man might get hold of it and destroy some careers?

  2. Chris K.:

    I was the guy who got political last night. I apologize, the point I was trying to make was no matter how compelling of an argument you make that the alarmists science is wrong, it doesn't matter. You can never convince them. They will never go "shit you're right, forget Kyoto, cap and trade, etc".

  3. Anonymous Mike:

    I was there last night and I want to say very well done. You're an outstanding speaker and with that that quality combined with your online materials I found the presentation fascinating and for the most part easy to follow.

    I say for the most part because the most technical part, how people like Mann fudge the data and gin up all sorts of funky models, came well into the presentation when to be honest time was running long. However that was minor quibble as I found your whole presentations an entertaining, yet lethal, indictment.

    I missed the political part from Chris K above as I had to leave by 9:00 but it seems the whole context to the global warming/climate change debate is political, a point you came ever so close to making explicit. It occurred to me that the reason such that the methodological errors and book cooking you identified last night is even possible is because of the politics. The alarmists have built a positive political feedback political system where an existing inclination to bureaucratic control among many technocrats and politicians has been given a nudge by the opportunity offered by alarmism - a system in which the intellectual and economic underpinnings are built upon the crassest forms of rent-seeking by business and academia and in all defiance of common-sense.

    As Chris K. wrote above ( I wish I stayed to hear it last night), I don't think any rational counter-arguments is going to derail this monster. I have an awful feeling about Copenhagen next month with Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize (deliberately awarded to influence his future actions) in a town swarming with alarmists pressuring him to make a deal. I think for him to say no is beyond his capabilities

    It also makes you wish Bush was still in office. Back in 2002-03, the world had gotten itself to the point where it was unthinkable to launch an invasion that wasn't sanctioned by the UN... for what you thought of the invasion of Iraq, Bush not only went to war with out the UN resolution, he went to war after being refused the resolution and to this day he is reviled by many as a war criminal for that lack of UN support. It's going to take an equally giant bag of presidential F-you to do the same next month in Copenhagen.

    Good work last night


    I was there last night. Great use of my time and extremely informative. Thank you for the education and for the work you're doing to fight back against the BIG LIE.