Making Bussiness Too Hard

My company exited business in Washington State about 3 years ago, and since then I have routinely turned down new business opportunities in the state.  The workers comp system is expensive, the sales and lodging tax regime is both expensive and complicated, and minimum wage rates are set to crack $10 an hour, and are indexed in some raise that they seem to rise substantially every year.  The state made it very difficult to manage a fleet of vehicles in the state, and generally made it clear that they would rather me not doing business there.  So I don't.

And apparently, Boeing has come to the same conclusion.


  1. Sotosoroto:

    I've grown up in Washington and been working in the People's Republic of Seattle for ten years. Now I'm seriously considering moving to Idaho.

    The folks around me seem to love taxing each other out of work.

  2. L Nettles:

    Greeting from South Carolina

    you can find the sour grapes cartoon from the Seattle PI here.

    It asks the question: How many non-union workers does it take to attach a wing to a Boeing airplane. Answer five and a dog.

    If that's so it means it takes 8 union workers and a union rep to do it with overtime in Washington. If they are not on strike. They just don't get it.

    I liked this response

  3. perlhaqr:

    Hunh, dang. I like Washington as a place to visit, and was thinking about moving there. Maybe the political climate is worse than I thought, though.

    "Seattle: We wanna be like Detroit!"