If the LHC People Had Any Sense of Humor

Apparently the LHC is back in business.  If the LHC had a sense of humor, they would announce that they are indeed going to try to create a man-made black hole and that the test is currently scheduled for December 21, 2012.


  1. perlhaqr:

    Oh, man, that's glorious. I can hear the squealing now!

  2. John Moore:

    They already did, but the Higgs boson traveled backwards in time, and in the process of putting bread in the equipment, also erased the announcement.

  3. Mesa Econoguy:

    This accurately reflects my position:

    Science, Screw You

  4. Matt:

    Lol that would be awesome.

  5. Ian Random:

    It does not matter if it is ever fired, as it has already it's goal as another large make work program. Actually, I wish it had come online by now and destroyed/saved the world before the 4 digit disaster movie hit the theaters.

  6. epobirs:

    Actually, this was in the works but the movie studio wouldn't pony up the cash for the endorsement.

  7. sorcerer:

    haha..that would be awesome!
    2012... we would be laughin at it on 2013!

  8. DrTorch:

    Bravo! That would be funny.