Fortunately, Pregnant Women Can Easily Get A Big Mac

I liked TJIC's response to the story of the pregnant woman who could not find any available supplies of the government-provided flu vaccine:

Man, it's a good thing that the flu vaccine isn't being left in the hands of the free market "“ we might have the same horrible production and distribution bottlenecks that we run into with Coke, pizza, books, and pajamas "“ you can't find those things anywhere.

And, hey, on the bright side, socialized medicine is coming!


  1. Greg Bero:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the supplies of vaccine being manufactured by private corporations?

  2. Craig:

    And then purchased by the government for distribution with no attention paid to market signals of any sort.

  3. Tim Fowler:

    Your link to TJIC's response doesn't work.

  4. Noumenon:

    He could at least have picked something that slightly resembles the market for vaccines; breakout hit CDs, or something like that. His great sarcastic rhythm is always spoiled for me by its total lack of a serious underlying point.