Strange Brew

Combine 40% French design and engineering, 40% political correctness, 10% Hello Kitty and 10% of WTF to get this new electric concept car from Renault with square wheels called the Twizy.  I don't think this is a put on.



  1. ElamBend:

    Tell your son that if he gets good grades this semester, you'll get him this car for school.

  2. Current:

    Of course it's not a put on, go to you'll see the car there.

    Renault's smallest car is called the Twingo. Brits have been waiting for the Tweesome and the Twisty for years.

  3. Jens Fiederer:

    The wheels and tires are not square, they are round as you would expect. What you are seeing are the octagonal wheel "fairings" (cover). The tires are pretty much concealed.

    This is essentially a 4 wheel covered electric scooter.

  4. drew:

    Yowza, that's a deathtrap! Is there any word on how low emissions controls are supposed to square with crash tests? This thing looks like it couldn't go head-on with some Big Wheels.

  5. Elrond Hubbard:

    I wouldn't want to drive a Twizy through a Wisconsin winter. Imagine driving one to work on a January morning in 6" of snow at 19 degrees.

  6. Bryan:

    From the link.

    "Wraparound bodywork creates a safe, reassuring cocoon which offers first-class protection for both driver and passenger."

  7. Stirner:

    This looks like something Gazoo would make for Fred Flintstone.

  8. Jon:

    I wouldn't put my golf clubs on that POS.

  9. Rob:

    I should be going to the show Sunday ... Can't wait to see what the "greener" world will look like ... And by that I mean I just want to see some cool cars :)

  10. thebastidge:

    "Wraparound bodywork creates a safe, reassuring cocoon"

    LOL! And a needle in the seat gives you a host of "something calmative" in traffic. It's a rather large-bore needle, in case you're wondering why you feel like you've been boned....

  11. Gil:

    Hmmm, that's a long way from the Tesla Roadster.

  12. Matthew Brown:

    According to the link, it's "urban and suburban", i.e. not really for use on the open road. It's more a 4-wheel motor scooter than a car. Notice how it's single-seat? Not safer than a car, but I bet you it's safer than a motorcycle.

  13. perlhaqr:

    Matthew: I doubt it. At least on a motorcycle you have the power to get out of the way of larger vehicles. That thing looks to have all the zip and pep of a snail on thorazine.