OMG, This Is Different


  1. David Y:

    Wow. I think I need to sit down and let the confusion pass...try to regain my bearings.

  2. Peter:

    You also should try Hayseed Dixie who sing ACDC songs and you can actually understand the words.

  3. Sol:

    Woah. That's kind of disturbingly awesome.

  4. TJIC:

    I've had that recording for so long that I no longer quite remember just how weird it was the first time I heard it.

  5. morganovich:

    i think perhaps the greatest achievement of the "countrify other music" genre is phish doing snoop dog's "gin and juice"

  6. CTD:


    I love that version of Gin n' Juice. But it's not Phish. It's a bluegrass/roots band called The Gourds.

  7. morganovich:

    of course, for pure cross genre lunacy, it is difficult to top "cotton eye joe" from the techno-hillbilly band "rednex"

    this song used to demolish dance floors in the early 90's.

  8. Blackadder:

    For my money the best "countrified" Pink Floyd is the Austin Lounge Lizards:

  9. Anonymous Mike:

    I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be.... but then again I just finished going through my collection of Dred Zeppelin the other week

  10. Technomad:

    I've had that album for quite a while. I thought it was actually a pretty good re-interpretation of the original. The angst of Pink Floyd's version translated easily into the "woe-is-me" of country.

  11. me again:

    Not sure if anyone has every heard the orchestra version of Floyd, but it is quite amazing.

    Also - glad to see someone give the Gourds credit! I have loved that version of the song for years (it was the first time I was able to get the lyrics!)

  12. Noumenon:

    Off topic: Remember I sent you that screen shot that one time of your blog the way it looks on my Firefox: gray background with gray diagonal hatching over everything.

    I noticed that in Internet
    Explorer, the hatching loads first, and then it gets covered up by white. I guess the hatching is your background image or something, because it's still visible on the left-hand side. So it's some kind of problem with Firefox not being instructed to load the "top background image."

    The right-hand column is always on its own background and you never see the hatching under there. So whatever code puts the background under there, perhaps duplicating it would make the white background work better.

    It's not a huge deal though.

  13. richard:


    It's already sept 30th. Time to update! I need some laughs!

    Don't tell me you have a personal life, you have a duty instead! ;-)

  14. richard:

    Hold on, I think that you updated with a new post while I was typing my comment?


    *** think, think ... gosts, E.T.-phone-home ***

    Just a question: Can you tell me the next lottery numbers? Just asking, you know?