Freedom of Expression Under Assault From Every Direction

Over the last few years, Republicans have tried to wrap themselves in the flag of the First Amendment, arguing that they were the true defenders of free speech against political correctness.  But while the left certainly has attacked speech on certain fronts, the right has been no less busy, particularly in areas related to sex, crime, and security.   One example, via Overlawyered:

Two Lee County, Florida men face possible prison sentences of five years because their MySpace pages show them making hand gestures that prosecutors say are associated with street gangs. "Their prosecutions are the first under a state law passed last year that criminalizes the use of electronic media to "˜promote' gangs." The bill's sponsor, state legislator Rep. William D. Snyder, R-Stuart, says in response to charges that the measure violates the First Amendment by criminalizing expression: "none of our freedoms are absolute, and the freedom of expression is not absolute"


  1. MJ:

    Coke and Pepsi both want to curtail your freedoms. The only different between them is which hobby horse they lean on to pursue that objective.

  2. nom de guerre:

    a thoughtcrime is a thoughtcrime, no matter how trifling it might appear to the untrained eye. hell, if we let this go, what's next? disrespectful 'joker' posters of the Dear Leader? murder? anyway, it's for the children.

  3. Lark:

    He clearly thinks the only absolute freedom is the freedom of politicians to lie.