We Should Have Expected This

In Lucifer's Hammer, one Astronaut up in space observed that you couldn't see international borders up there.  The other astronaut told him to shut up -- if he kept making such a big deal about it, countries would all paint two mile wide stripes in flourescent orange around their countries.

I thought of that when I saw this - corporate branding meets Google Earth.  Hat tip Virtual Globetrotting

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  1. Chris Yeh:

    Ah yes, Lucifer's Hammer. I don't think I've read that since I was in junior high. Wish I could remember more of it to better analyze the political message.

  2. Greg:

    Didn't Maxim magazine do this a few years ago with Eva Longoria?


  3. John:

    Reminds me of "The Man Who Sold the Moon". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Sold_the_Moon

  4. buzz:

    is that two people standing beside the colonel's right ear?

  5. eddie:

    one Astronaut up in space observed that you couldn’t see international borders up there

    Turns out you can, at least in some cases, at least at night. See this Coyote post with the video of cities at night from orbit, and my comment there.

    Not to mention the border between North and South Korea. At night it sticks out like a sucking chest wound.

  6. TDK:

    Given that the Great Wall of China represents the then border between the Chinese and Mongols, you can mark up another.

  7. wheels:

    It reminds me of the Gahan Wilson cartoon showing a couple businessmen, one of whom is saying, "It must have cost them a fortune!" as they look out a window at the moon, which is covered with a Coca-Cola logo.