Fun Site of the Day

The Manhattan Airport Foundation.  It would certainly cut down on muggings.


  1. morganovich:

    if this is indicative of the level of thinking behind this project, then i think it pretty much says all we need to about this idea:

    from the FAQ:

    Q: I own an apartment alongside Central Park. What will Manhattan Airport do to my property value?

    A: History has proven that bringing a transportation amenity to an underserved region elevates the perception and economic well-being of the area. In the past, these types of transformative public works projects have created an influx of interest and new investment in the neighborhoods in which they have been built. There may be some who resist the progress. But as neighborhood residents, small business owners and local civic organizations begin to experience the economic “trickle-down” effect these types of large scale redevelopment projects have precipitated time and time again; Manhattan Airport will be embraced.

  2. Jim Collins:

    Depending on the orientation of the runways, the takeoff and landing approaches could be interesting.

  3. Craig:

    The site doesn't seem to address the noise issue.

  4. Dan Maloney:


    That is too funny!
    Thanks for finding that, Coyote!
    I think I'll post a link at our site!
    That should drive the environmental wackos in NY crazy!

  5. Dan Maloney:

    I finally got around to writing something to include this on my other blog.