Sorry Chevy

We own about 100 trucks as part of the business, many of them Chevy's.  We are going out right now to replace several, and I just can't bring myself to do business with Government Motors.  So its Ford trucks for now.


  1. Rathtyen:

    The majority of Australians can be divided into two major groups: the Ford Group and GM Holden Group. That applies even to those of us that don't own a Holden or a Ford.

    I've always thought of myself as being in the Holden camp, and over the years have owned a few.

    BUT, a few years ago I vaguely followed the turmoils at Ford, when they changed direction to fix up their business model. It must have worked, because they aren't asking for a handout.

    Ford bit the bullet early and cleaned up their act. I think that deserves to be rewarded, and I now regard myself as a Ford person. I think your change to Ford makes sense and is supporting sensible business practice. Good one.

  2. Andrew:

    I love my ranger.

  3. Obloodyhell:

    > So its Ford trucks for now.

    Why buy American at all? Yeah, I know they're supposedly as good (when it comes to trucks) as the Japs. Why reward the unions, though? I'm betting that one of the Japs makes a satisfactory truck here in the USA such that you can't complain that American workers did not benefit extensively from it.

  4. Tom Kelly:

    We have 6 vans that have previously been Dodge Sprinters and Chevy Express Vans. We will be replacing them with Fords soon.

  5. Cyrus Killgore:

    My small flete is all GM(C) now. Will be all Ford from this point forward. Until 6 monyhs ago ,had never shot a pistol - bird hunter for 50 years - now I'm gunedup, hoardedup figgeredup on where and how to run. Scarry times.

  6. Flatland:

    I'm currently in the market for a vehicle. Unless some major deal comes my way, I won't be considering any GM vehicle. Most likely I'll go Japanese.

  7. LoneSnark:

    Question: how about a car made by the Japanese but sold by Pontiac? I'm partial to the Pontiac Vibe, which rolled off the Toyota Matrix Assembly line.

  8. me:

    And now for something completely different... the great Northern American healthcare debate. Interesting contribution:

    Coyote - I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter...

  9. Fred from Canuckistan . . .:

    Gotta run, but I'll try and get back to that article later today . . . it is a Texas Longhorn story.

    A point here.
    A point there.
    A lotta bull in between.

    Actually a lot of selective comparisons and outright lies.

    Trust me. Try waiting three years for a simple knee operation or one year for an MRI.

  10. Captain Obviousness:

    You'd better buy up your Fords quick - Ford will not survive as a private company for more than another couple years at most, and that's assuming the car market picks up. They are burning through billions of dollars in cash too, they just had more cash to start.

    It won't be long before the Big Three are the Government Three - it would be fair to let a company actually fail. Right out of Atlas Shrugs, or England maybe.

  11. mishu:

    me, from the article:

    "At the end of the day, the average after-tax income of Canadian workers is equal to about 82 percent of their gross pay. In the U.S., that average is 81.9 percent."

    This is a horribly dishonest statement. Public health insurance in Canada is funded by the provinces and they, therefore, must tax to fund it. If you live in Ontario, you must pay an additional 24% income tax to fund OHIP. Let's not also exclude the 5% GST and the 7% PST or doubling of the price of gasoline in relation to the US due to taxes. Why don't you give the *whole* tax picture.

  12. Esox Lucius:

    How about Toyota? Their trucks rock. I have 2 currently and had a third before that. I have 121K miles and the only thing I ever replaced on my truck is a light switch that corroded. The truck is tight and quiet, it doesn't squeak anywhere and is all around outstanding.

  13. Daren Connole:


  14. moron:

    Over the past 30 years I have owned 2 Suburbans, 1 Tahoe, 1 Silverado, 1 Cutlass and a Corvette. The 2 suburbans required 3 transmissions, the tahoe 3 transmissions [no exaggeration] and the cutlass 1---all before 100,000 miles, no towing, normal driving and good maintennance. I will not support the UAW or Comrade Obama going forward. Fords, Toyota or Hyundai.

  15. Bruce Hall:

    The U.S. domestic manufacturers had this problem in the 1970s and worked through it. I guess that leaves Toyota about 30 years behind.

  16. Shenpen:

    I deduced it a while ago, with many of my friends, that the ideal car is the Ford Mondeo: big, fast, cheap, and - at least here in Europe - for some reason the car thieves aren't very interested in it, it's being stolen very rarely.