Yet Another Reason I Have Not Joined The Chamber of Commerce

From the AZ Republic:

A local contestant on "The Biggest Loser," NBC's hit weight-loss show, will be the featured speaker at the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce's Third Annual Keynote Speaker Event on May 27.

Maricopa resident Sione Fa, 28, is expected to share his journey to a healthy, new lifestyle during the fundraising event at Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino Resort.

Really?  You mean Gary Coleman wasn'g available.  Do business owners really have time for this stuff?


  1. Evil Red Scandi:

    I have no idea what our local Chamber of Commerce does with the money. It's something like:

    1) They spend a great deal of time and effort getting you to join

    2) ???

    3) Profit.

    Although I'm not totally sure about step 3.

  2. spiro:

    I look at our local chamber as a low-level mafia racket that operates through pressure and extortion.
    They have approached me at my business several times and the message is always the same
    "come join the chamber, or else...after, all we'd hate to see you miss out on business opportunities..."
    Repeat that in a hush-toned Sicilian accent, and you'll see the similarity too.