We Have a Winner

For the first time in years, we have a winner in our bracket contest even before the Finals are played.  Publicity shy Steve Anonymous is the winner, no matter who wins tonight.  He has North Carolina to win, but no one with Michigan State is close enough to catch him.  Congratulations!  As usual, I entered the sweet-16 in the top 10, but then just got crushed on the second weekend.  After having 12 of the Sweet-16 correct, I only had 3 of the final 8 correct.


  1. Jim:

    I feel your pain Warren.

  2. Steve Anonymous:

    Shower me with plaudits. Sing my praises from the rooftops. I'm not publicity shy, just leery of the IRS tracking me down. They just need to remember that gambling losses can be offset against gambling winnings. I'm down $20 on the year. What's the FMV of a Warren Meyer autographed copy of BMOC?

    As a side note, I've won two pools in my life. I've lived in Michigan for most of my life, and both entries were in non-local pools in years when Michigan St. did well. Had I made the same entry in a locally run contest, I would've had to compete against all the MSU homers and not done nearly as well. I smell an arbitrage opportunity. Different prices for teams in different places.