The U.S. and the World

I see a lot of news stories about Obama supporters scratching their heads at why Obama did not get more respect from other nations.  Why do these countries continue to heap scorn on the US as the US contributes more and more to international efforts?

Here is a hint:

  1. These other countries share President Obama's attitudes about the rich
  2. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, the US is rich

The rich in this country pay for most of the programs Obama takes credit for.  When folks say that Obama "cares", he does so with the money of America's rich.  In return, he heaps nothing but scorn on the rich, blaming them for any economic problems that may exist and criticizing them for not paying enough taxes.

Mr. President, the other countries of the world treat you and this country exactly like you treat the rich, and for the same reasons.  If that frustrates you, look to your own values first.


  1. hanmeng:

    These other countries share President Obama’s attitudes about the rich?

  2. Jeffrey Ellis:

    A very good insight, very nicely stated. I doubt this will ever dawn on Obama, though.

  3. EdgeWaterHotelLaughlin:

    Good post, thanks for the info.

  4. MJ:

    The rich can vote, but only once.

  5. MAS1916:

    It is easy to buy votes with other people's money. Europe has been doing this for years.

    Interestingly though, Europe is throwing off some of these old Socialist throw-backs. Gordon Brown in the UK will be the next to go. And good riddance to him.

  6. EvilRedScandi:

    @MJ - That's what we need - an ACORN for rich people. Call it ACORN Platinum or something like that.

    Sarcasm aside, if you look at the turnout numbers for the last election, the problem is getting them to vote once.

  7. TheFitzGerald:

    Good, thanks for the information.