Defending our Borders

Via the Arizona Republic:

"Non-native turtles removed from zoo"


  1. Stan:

    I know you don't really respond to comments, but I can't seem to find your position on illegal immigration. I know you favor liberal trade and travel, but isn't that different from maintaining the rule of law? As libertarians shouldn't we be supporting lax immigration policies, while defending borders? Aren't open borders more in line with anarchist tendencies (both capitalist and socialist anarchists), or are immigration laws rules for the sake of rules?

  2. EvilRedScandi:

    If the turtles had committed a few crimes, then the public employees would have been forced to turn a blind eye to their immigration status. Frigging stupid turtles. That's why we're at the top of the food chain.

    (And for those who can't recognize sarcasm, I think turtles are awesome)

  3. markm:

    IMO, the newspaper deliberately wrote a misleading headline. The turtles aren't removed from the zoo, they're removed from the wild using a trap at a pond in the zoo. And that's a fairly good thing, if it's practical to catch enough of them to keep the population of non-native species down.

    But the article says that turtles under 4 inches are adopted out, without mentioning what happens to the big ones. I'd heartily approve of making lots of turtle soup, but the type of people that usually run such operations would have a hissy fit at the suggestion.