Kelo Update

Cato has a good 6-minute video on the Kelo imminent domain case.  As an update, the Kelo house has been bulldozed, along with the rest of the neighborhood, but no construction has or is expected to take place in the area any time soon.

PS- the Maxine Waters pious defense of property rights is simply hilarious


  1. Jeannetta:

    Just as a slight correction, the Kelo house hasn't been bulldozed, but moved. Shameful in itself, but she does get to "keep" her house. Small token in my view.

  2. happyjuggler0:

    Eminent domain, not imminent domain. :)

  3. LoneSnark:

    The video seems to have been taken down.

  4. Peter:

    Im not sure which is scarier imminent domain or eminent domain.