Interesting Comparison

Which of these spent more political contribution and lobbying money in the last election cycle:

  • Two largest defense contractors
  • Four largest oil companies
  • Two largest teachers unions

Yes, it was the teachers.  I am sure it was for the kids, though.  This actually understates the teacher's efforts.  The corporate donations of the oil and defense companies are spread pretty evenly between both parties.  They are simply trying to buy access.  The teachers gave their money almost entirely to the Democrats.


  1. Matt:

    All to Democrats??? You mean none are lobbying the GOP to put in that voucher system so better teachers will be better compensated and the others will be held accountable? Knock me over with a FEATHER!

  2. JoshK:

    And don't forget that the they provide most of the volunteers who man phone banks, hand out literature, etc.

  3. stan:

    The Democrats are nothing but an amalgamation of special interests. They get their money from a much smaller number of wealthy donors and from organized special interest groups. As you point out in another post, Big Business and Big Labor love Big Government.

    That's why Algore's promise to fight for us and against the powerful special interests was so funny.

  4. Anonymous:

    Obviously the one thing this proves is that these teachers are not underpaid.

  5. John Sterling:

    It's not just in lobbying dollars that "Big Ed" dominates big oil. 6.2 million people work as teachers in the United States.

    The 3 biggest "U.S. based" oil companies employ fewer than 200k globally. (That numbers a little understated because it doesn't include contractors)
    XOM - 81k
    CVX - 65k
    COP - 33k

  6. Anonymous:

    It was for the children.

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  8. kevin.eb:

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  9. TXJim:

    As a former teacher who now works for an oil company, all I can say is that oil company execs are giant wussies compared to the central planners running the teacher's unions. I imagine the defense contractor execs are similarly wussified.

  10. SouthernRoots:

    I don't know if it means that teachers are all that well paid, but it does mean that the unions confiscate quite a bit of political funds from the teachers dues.

  11. A Real Hoser Eh?:

    There must be a teacher's jungle telegraph or underground railroad or something running from the USA all the way up to Canada. Every day my kids come home from school telling me with wide-eyed amazement about the latest loopy, pro-Democrat pronouncements of their teachers. Algore the Angel, Barack the Bodhivista, Hillary the High One ... they are worshipped from afar.

    But I tell you what - given that you are pretty much forced to send your kids to these public schools, it's a darn good thing that they're unionized. If the union didn't exist then the most bitter and unmotivated teachers would not have the career option open to them of going to work for the union full time, and you'd be stuck with them in the classroom forever.