Fourth Annual NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Note: This post sticky through 3/19.  Look below for newest posts.

Back by popular demand is the annual Coyote Blog NCAA Bracket Challenge.  Yes, I know that many of you are bracketed out, but for those of you who are self-employed and don't have an office pool to join or who just can't get enough of turning in brackets, this pool is offered as my public service.

Last year we had well over 100 entries, and we expect more this year. Everyone is welcome, so send the link to friends as well.  There is no charge to join in and I have chosen a service with the absolutely least intrusive log-in (name, email, password only) and no spam.  The only thing I ask is that, since my kids are participating, try to keep the team names and board chat fairly clean.

To join, go to and sign up, then enter your bracket.  This year, you may enter two different brackets if you wish.

Scoring is as follows:

Round 1 correct picks:  1 points
Round 2:  2
Round 3:  4
Round 4:  6
Round 5:  8
Round 6:  10

Special March Madness scoring bonus: If you correctly pick the underdog in any round (ie, the team with the higher number seed) to win, then you receive bonus points for that correct pick equal to the difference in the two team's seeds.  So don't be afraid to go for the long-shots!   The detailed rules are here.

Bracket entry appears to be open.  Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 19th at 12:20pm EDT.  Be sure to get your brackets in early.  Anyone can play "” the more the better.  Each participant will be allows to submit up to two brackets.


  1. bobby b:


    Yeah! Alright! I love the tourney bracketing! And I love to win, too - I don't enter these things 'cuz I'm so proud of how civilized I'm able to act as I face defeat - no, I do it because I like that whole concept of crushing my enemies and driving em' my way . . . .

    Problem is, I'm pretty bad at most ever'thing, and so I always lose. Always. Ever' time. It's gotten so bad, last week I tried guessing heads or tails on coin flips, and I got it wrong 120 times in a row. I'm a complete loser I guess is what I'm trying to say, except that I'm a winner at being a loser. So I got that goin' for me . . .

    Which is sort of a lead-in to why I'm talking to you right now. See, I got your name and number from the !Up With Losers! office down to the DMV, and they tole me that it wasn't fair at all that there's this contest out there that I can't ever really win given my, you know, my lack of being able to ever win anything real, you know?

    So, here's the thing - you're s'posed to make the bracket picks for me - yeah, you just write em all in like you would your own picks - but they says to tell you not to write mine down until it's all over, and then give me the whole pot . . . yeah, they DID call it a stimulus, now that you mention it . . .

  2. Little Coyote:

    You are going down Coyote. Yea and guess who got the Ivy League bid, Cornell, yes Cornell, not Princeton, what a shame.

  3. Brad Warbiany:

    Alright, less than 48 hours now...

    Go Boilers!

  4. randomscrub:

    Allow me to second that: GO BOILERS!

    (I admit it, I'm a current Purdue student - but at least I'm a grad student, so I have a little perspective on sports by now.)