My Favorite Comment on the Oscars

From John Scalzi:

I'm delighted Kate Winslet finally got a Best Actress Oscar, because she deserves it for being so good for so long but also because now that means, pace Halle Berry and Charlize Theron, that she will now immediately make a God-awful action film in which she wears very tight black latex, and I'm all for that.


  1. ErikTheRed:

    Actually, in Kate's case this is a bad thing. She recently commented that she intends to stop doing nudity because she doesn't want to always be known as the girl who "loses her kit" in movies... a tragedy because she's one of the few decently-proportioned women in Hollywood. Too many of the "a-list" actresses have pretty faces with the bodies of teenage boys. Which is odd, because it really doesn't do much for the demographic that's into teenage boys. Well, not like Hollywood makes much sense anyway (let's see ... $80M for special effects, $0.80 for the script...)

  2. eCurmudgeon:

    When you realize that the "demographic that's into teenage boys" is Hollywood producers, it all starts to make sense...

  3. ici chacal:

    latex schmatex. winslet has always been ready and eager to get naked on film, and That Is A Good Thing. maybe they could do a prequel where rose and harvey milk share a stateroom on the titanic: with winslet wiggling her moneymaker into the camera, interspersed with cuts of milk's face frozen in that "oh, ICK!" stare of horror. then the ship hits the ice; the passengers burst into a boffo song-and-dance number; and milk throws winslet off the headboard to her cold, watery death when she asks if he wants her to "hold his wallet for him."

    "hope you can swim, breeder!"