Famous Birthday Today

A key birthday today, February 6.  Find out who.


  1. Will H:

    Can't do video at work so here's a few of note: (I suspect you are referring to the 1911 birth)

    1665 - Anne Stuart, queen of England (1702-14)
    1756 - Aaron Burr, Newark NJ, (D-R), 3rd US VP (1801-05), dueler
    1833 - James Ewell Brown "JEB" Stuart, Major General (Confederate Army)
    1911 - Ronald Reagan, IL, actor (Bedtime for Bonzo)/40th pres (R) (1981-89)
    1912 - Eva Braun, mistress (Adolph Hitler)
    1940 - Tom Brokaw, Yankton SD, news anchor (NBC Nightly News 1982- )
    1950 - Natalie Cole, LA Calif, vocalist (Pink Cadillac, Miss You Like Crazy)
    1966 - Tom Tupa, NFL punter/quarterback (The Ohio State University, NFL: Cardinals, Colts, Browns, Patriots, Jets, Raiders, Buccaneers, Pro bowl, and a super bowl champ, scored the first 2 points conversion in the NFL.)

  2. Jonathan L:

    Well done sir. Well done.

  3. John Anderson:

    Well played.

  4. Tim Swanson:

    I hate you. Although, hope you do it again.

  5. nicole:

    Does it count if I knew it and clicked anyway?

    Yes, it does.