United In Film Criticism

Kevin Drum and I disagree about many things.  I read his blog specifically to find things to refute.  But it turns out we had the exact same two reactions to Quantum of Solace:

Now, I also happen to think Quantum of Solace wasn't a very good movie. The pace was so frenetic "” chase, fight, chase, fight, chase, fight "” that there was hardly any story that seemed worth following, and what story there was just wasn't very interesting. (Cornering the water supply of Bolivia? Seriously? And you thought the later Roger Moore movies were ridiculous?)

My reactions were here and here.


  1. dearieme:

    Facts. I want facts. How many helicopters exploded?

  2. colson:

    And to think the probability of hitting the lottery was infinitesimal :)

  3. ElamBend:

    They also killed two of the more interesting characters. I had hoped that the girl was going to become a recurrent character.

  4. Xmas:

    I think you're missing something, they were trying to corner the fresh-water market around the world, not just Bolivia.

    Though...exploding building == redonkulous.

  5. bond. james bond:

    quantum of solace script outline

    step 1: "by jove, that chappie in the car 3 feet away is firing a machine gun at me! this IS a bit of a sticky wicket! and now, on top of everything else, i've put the bloody aston martin into an uncontrolled spin at well over 100mph, and am heading for that giant tractor trailer speeding towards me!"

    step 2: then, a miracle occurs

    step 3: "ah, hullo there, M. no, no problems at all. i cleverly *dodged* the bullets. did you bring a tart for me?"

    step 4: chase, crash, fight. repeat as necessary to attain 89 minutes.

  6. Jim:

    I refuse to see the movie just because of the title. I know it was the title of a short story found in a collection of Bond stories; that doesn't matter. It's a stupid title with zero draw to it. Whoever came up with that title needs to get a refresher in marketing.

  7. Noumenon:

    Kevin Drum and I disagree about many things. I read his blog specifically to find things to refute.

    That's disappointing. I thought conservatives would read Drum to find a liberal point of view they could respect, or someone who seemed reasonable enough that they might be able to actually dialogue with him. I disagree with you in the comments pretty often, but the day I am coming here just to refute you is the day I stop coming here, because what's the point? I already stopped reading TJIC for this reason -- I realized my views were never going to be challenged by reading him, because I wrote off everything he said as empty hardass posturing.