Humiliating Your Pet

My COO reports that his dog Ranger was slashed pretty badly in brawl with a javelina near the family home.  The dog is doing fine, and should be proud he defended his territory against the evil interloper.

So why is the poor dog being humiliated?  OK, he has to wear one of those funnel things that keep the dog from picking at his stitches.  These are kind of embarrassing, but after being nearly emasculated in the field of battle, does he really need this indignity, courtesy of my friend's daughter?



  1. EconStudent:

    Poor dog. It deserves a better collar, maybe one with flames painted on? Anyway, I have noticed many dogs have an incredible passion for defending their territory. My parents have a Shar-Pei that lives on their farm. A full grown cougar had taken my parents' main stud goat (easily 80 pounds and very ornery). The next night, it came back for seconds, but my parents let the shar-pei out and she cornered the cougar until my father could shoot the cat. Just amazing to see a 30-40 pound dog stand down a 80-90 pound cougar. Dogs truly are man's best friend.

  2. kmoffitt:

    To add further insult to injury, this is what 4 years of college and a commercial art degree produce...

  3. SmartDogs:

    Maybe he'd feel cheerier with a rework featuring radiating javelina porkchops instead of daisy petals?

    I'm just sayin'...