Remembering My Favorite Pumpkin

From a couple of years ago

Pumpkin1   Pumpkin2

Rather than carve them, I peeled away the outer skin and thinned it in the land areas, creating this effect.


  1. Kyle Bennett:

    Wow. It looks like something Algore will want to use in "Inconvenient Truth II". I like how Antarctica is melting in a pool of lava in the first picture.

    You got an amazing level of detail in that, nice job.

  2. Blackadder:

    In the second photo, it looks like someone just nuked Iran.

  3. John Dewey:

    The corporation where I work has so much fun on Halloween Day. Check out Hippie meets Disco.

  4. EconStudent:

    So... where is Greenland? Did it melt away already?