First Democratic Agenda Item: Grow Union Membership

Because they have done such a good job helping workers in the auto and airline industries.


From the WSJ here.  Its all part and parcel of the "stagnant middle class income" fib, discussed here.


  1. ChrisR:

    I just hate graphs that chop off most of the Y axis. You can make a 2% drop look enormous by just concentrating the graph axis on the part that changed.

  2. Yoshidad:

    Sadly, no comment about the "free trade" that is really responsible for the job losses in manufacturing, or the lack of enforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust law, etc.

    Both parties share responsibility for undermining manufacturing jobs, but the R's are truly head-and-shoulders above the D's in this. Bush 41 authored NAFTA, for example, and Clinton passed it with Newt's help after adding labor and environmental provisions that were then never enforced.

    FYI, Mexican real incomes fell 34% thereafter (source: Ravi Batra's "Greenspan's Fraud"), and we can't figure out why inhabitants of a third-world country where half the population gets by on less than $4 a day are coming across the border to get jobs. Gee, I wonder why! Perhaps if we demonize them....

    Meanwhile, check out Ha Joon Chang's "Bad Samaritans" for a history of American hypocrisy and misdirection when it comes to "free" trade.