Now I Understand - Obama Means Five Million New Government Jobs

I have not been able to figure out how Obama gets to a 5 million job creation number from his alternative energy plans.  As I pointed out,

OK, so the total employment of all these industries that might be
related to an alternate energy effort is about 2.28 million.  So, to
add 5 million incremental jobs would require tripling the size of the
utility industry, tripling the size of the utility construction and
equipment industry, tripling the size of the auto industry, tripling
the size of the aircraft industry, and tripling the size of the
shipbuilding industry.  And even then we would be a bit short of
Obama's number.

But now I think I am starting to understand.  Tom Nelson gave me the clue with this article from the town of Frankfort, Kentucky:

Commissioners again discussed the possible creation of a sustainability coordinator position for the city.

Andy MacDonald, of the Mayor's Task Force on Energy Efficiency and
Climate Change, told commissioners that the creation of the position is
"the next critical step" to reduce the city's environmental footprint.

Commissioner Doug Howard brought up the possibility of asking the
city's recycling coordinator to fulfill part of the proposed position's
duties until money is available.

OK, so we need both a recycling coordinator and a sustainability coordinator for a town of 27,741 people (2000 census).  At this rate, that would imply nearly 22,000 government jobs across the country just in the government recylcing and sustainablity coordination field.  Now I am starting to understand.  Obama means five million new government jobs.


  1. rxc:

    He will also probably start to hire lots of recently graduated young people who have just finished being indoctrinated by the schools about the terrible amount of energy that is being wasted in this country. They will be "deputised" to perform "wasted-energy" enforcement functions. This will include handing out tickets for unnecessary lights, cars that are too large, thermostats incorrectly set, unnecessary travel, etc. And, they will have full authority to conduct "inspections" of homes, offices and factories, to ensure compliance with the coming energy efficiency program.

  2. Howard:

    In the Bill Oreilly interview of Barack Obama, regarding the discussion
    about Obama's energy plan, in response to Bill asking
    Barack, what if the development of alternate energy
    sources don't deliver. Obama compared his approach
    to John Kennedy's space program, and how if you go
    for it , the answers will come. But, the distinction between
    our space program and our energy challenge is ... If it had taken
    us longer than we thought to get to the moon ... or, if we hadn't
    gotten to the moon ... no big deal. But, if we put all our hopes
    into alternative energy, and it doesn't happen in time ... or, if
    it doesn't work, our entire economy, as well as our national
    security could end up in ruins. Our country's entire energy
    infrastructure revolves around petroleum. 167,000 gas stations,
    the 250 million vehicles. Democrats keep citing how long it will take
    to get more oil out of the ground. But, even if an alternative
    fuel is found tomorrow, how long will it take America to
    transition from our existing infrastructure to a completely
    new one? In the meantime, people have to get to work, and
    goods have to get to market. This is an important reason to
    secure our energy needs with oil drilling and mining oil shale,
    while we try to develop alternate energy. Obama and
    Pelosi also want to dip into the strategic oil reserve, as a way
    of pandering to voters, but what if we have a true emergency,
    like Hurricane Ike, or Hugo Chavez cuts us off, or Amadinajad
    cripples the straits of Hormuz? Obama seems to be
    playing fast and loose with our country's future ... gambling
    with our future, all based on hope and faith ... with consequences
    which could be dire. Obama's plans, or lack thereof, are
    extremely irresponsible. Not suprising from a candidate who
    does not have the experience, qualifications, or judgement to lead, as
    President of the United States.