Critique of the Bailout, From A Banker

From John Allison, CEO of BB&T  (via TJIC).  Here is a taste:


Download bailout_critique.pdf



  1. Scott:

    Well known Objectivist banker. Check the covers of the BB&T annual reports. Many from gallery.

  2. Scott:

    Unfortunately, the libertarian solution shouldn't be what he proposes. He says that to balance supply and demand, the government should buy the excess housing inventory. A more libertarian solution would be to grant citizenship to whoever buys a house in the next 90 days. End of problem. This solution can be tweeked (PhDs only?), but it would work fast.

  3. Rob:

    Interesting idea Scott, but will these foreigners be buying homes with cash or with a loan.

    I think a loan might be hard to grant since most foreigners lack an established credit history. My manager from France bought a house in the USA with cash, because he couldn't get a home loan. He also can't even convince his bank to give him a $1000 line of credit (to help build a credit history), even though he has tons of cash in that same bank and has plenty of collateral (like his house) which he can't take with him, if he decided to flee the country.

  4. David Johnson:

    Sorry, but the libertarian solution is to do nothing and let the market correct.

    p.s. Actually there is something government can do. It can stop manipulating the money supply and roll back half the banking regulations.

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