1. Thibodeaux:

    "But the proper role for the government of a free society is to treat adults as adults..."

    You just know the response to that, don't you?

    "What about the CHILDREN?!"

  2. Technomad:

    Actually, a lot of the "Huckabees" are people who never really managed to reconcile themselves, in their innermost hearts, with the social changes that began with World War I.

  3. bryan:

    He makes a good point, just like you do here at coyote, and all the other great libertarian bloggers i read do all the time. Our two party choices are really terrible. my question is then, how come none of these sites, from what i see at least, ever even mention our third party option? it seems like we have this year a really good charismatic recognizable and independently wealthy Libertarian candidate and no one ever talks about it. Libertarians seem to have a wealth of good writers and thinkers on the internet these days, but if we never bother to rally behind someone, it is all for not.
    I'm not saying he's going to win or anything, but it could at least help to make an impression, get in some debates and get the ideas out there.
    Help me out coyote! Maybe at least get some discussion going if anyone has any opinions. I hear absolutely nothing.