Advice to Single Men

Guys, you may think you know what you want in a wife --  Is she hot?  Is she smart?  Is she funny? 

I can tell you from 18 years of marriage, this is what you really want in a wife:


  1. Tony Edwards:

    Well she does have a lot of dresses, but she sure skins out of them real fast

  2. Technomad:

    How. In. The. WORLD?

  3. coyote:

    How many hours of my life would I get back if my wife could get dressed this fast

  4. Dan:

    At about 55 seconds, if you look closely, you can tell for an instant that there must be some sort of mechanism in the waistband that's flipping through outfits. For the hairstyle change, it's probably just a wig she discards halfway through, and the man's suit only changes once, so it could just be a discarded layer of clothing - if you notice, after both the hairstyle change and the suit change, the other person makes sure to discreetly wrap up the enclosure they were standing in.

    I remember that in later episodes of the show, they were criticized for doing the exact same performance every single time. I think they even used the same music. It must be so precisely coordinated that any deviation would mess up the routine.

  5. jay:

    I wish my wife could get dressed that fast.

  6. safari:

    You mean she doesn't disappear at the end?