More Command and Contol Health Care in Massachusetts

Well, I can't blame this bit of command and control on Mitt Romney, but it is still a great example of politicians doing exactly the opposite of what is needed to making US health care even more convenient and affordable.

In-store health care services offer cheap primary care, ease the
burden on emergency rooms, and help people who can't afford health
insurance"“or who have insurance but can't find a decent primary care
physician. They also boast stratospheric customer satisfaction ratings. 

So why is idiot Boston Mayor Thoma Menino against them?  Because they're driven by profit!

The decision by the state Public Health Council,
"jeopardizes patient safety," Menino said in a written statement.
"Limited service medical clinics run by merchants in for-profit
corporations will seriously compromise quality of care and hygiene.
Allowing retailers to make money off of sick people is wrong."

This is as opposed to doctors in hospitals, who everyone one knows don't make any money off of sick people.  Seriously, who in their right mind could possibly oppose a free market solution to cleaning out these non-life-threatening type cases from hospital emergency rooms?


  1. David:

    More Command and Contol Health Care in Massachusetts

    Control missing the 'R' in the title

  2. Rogeu and Poet:

    Good catch. This idea of in-store clinics is new to me but I like it.

  3. Rogeu and Poet:

    Good catch. This idea of in-store clinics is new to me but I like it.

  4. Allen:

    If profit is the problem than it's not just the new little in store clinics that area problem. Selling over the counter remedies are also an issue. Why weren't they railing on those 20, 30, 50 years ago?

    And why is for-profit heath care seem to be what they're going after? Why not food?

    Either way, this thinking is driven by people who actually think that they can just legislate things to happen.

  5. Craig:

    Just like Walmart builds stores immediately outside the limits of cities that ban them, I hope CVS builds a ring of these clinics around Boston. Cities like Boston should suffer (by losing tax revenues) for the actions of their idiot leaders.

  6. Randomscrub:

    Hell, by that rationale it's illegal to sell pharmaceuticals or cough drops!

  7. Moby:

    My wife went to one of these clinics on a Sunday with an ear infection. While I was a little taken back by the cost ($150 for the visit), I can't imagine what our local emergency room would have eventually charged me or my insurance. Plus, the wait was all of 10 minutes to be seen (try that at an emergency room if you don't show up bleeding or dying). Also, she would have had to wait until the week days to see her regular doctor.

    These are great services and well worth the cost (which I am appying back to my Health Care Spending Account).

  8. Chan:

    Complementary therapies, as well as providing a means to maintain health and well-being for the healthy individual, may also help to restore sense of self-efficacy for the person who has experienced serious loss of health, by providing an environment of empathy, encouragement and support for the participant, thereby facilitating restoration of sense of control and confidence.