Licensing Everything

In case you thought the government was sane.  By a strict reading of the law, a license would be required to put a smoke detector in your own house.


  1. bill-tb:

    Hey we are way ahead, in our city you need a permit to do anything. It's a big source of revenue for the city. It's all about the money, and making you pay more.

    Falls under the category of "not taxes" but fees and use charges. A way around having to declare you are raising taxes.

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    Way ahead of you fools.

    I’m already licensing a licensing process in compliance with 1) Al Gore standards, and 2) future licenses.

  3. noahpoah:

    My wife and I had a conversation about how silly licensing regulations are last night after hearing that the woman who found Heath Ledger dead in an apartment may face two years in jail for practicing massage without a license.

    The horror.

  4. tribal elder:

    I told a young colleague who asked- "Do I need a building permit for that ?" that the primary functions of a building permit are 1) to allow someone at city hall to tell you you don't know what you are doing and 2) allow the assessor to enjoy your enhanced lifstyle. I told him "Call your mother-in-law for #1", and use the time he saved to read the emergency room coverage rules for his health plan.