New Ipod Classic Update

In a couple of posts, I warned readers that I thought there might be problems with the new 80meg and 160meg iPod classics  (generation 6).  On two occasions, I tested units at Best Buy stores (two different cities) and found the menu and scrolling performance to be terrible.  The controls were laggy and slow.

An Apple person wrote me to say that my experience was not universal.  I also noted that people were split on the message boards -- some loved their new iPod and couldn't understand the problem, and others couldn't understand how anyone could miss the scrolling problems.

From this and other evidence, I am now convinced that there were either two different batches with different performance, or there was some early software patch that fixed the problem but stores like Best Buy were not applying the patch to their demo models.  The other day I tried the new iPod Classics at the Apple store and was thrilled with the performance.  The menu scrolled beautifully, perhaps better than generation 5. 

So, I still advise folks to try before they buy, but I now am convinced that the new Classic is a great product.  I bought an 80gig over the weekend.

By the way, I have never been anything but enthusiastic (except perhaps to wish for more memory) about the iPod Touch.


  1. Christian:

    Problems with the scrolling performance is not rare. I also heared from some people who had or has the same problems. But all in all the iPod is a dream.

  2. gabriel:

    hey could u help me? i mean, i'm buying an ipod classic 160 gb next week, and i'm from costa rica, i've saved money for a lot of time, hehe i'm just 15 years old, and my parent wouldn't just give me the money! so i've managed to get it... well, the thing is i've read a lot of pages where people talk about how buying this ipod and its updates suck, what should i do?? can you give me like a full step by step guide on how to do things so things work properly with my ipod. And i forgot to mention, i have a 2gb nano ipod, but when i connect newer ipods, music doesn't sync correctly, only few songs sync, or i have to sync it by groups of songs... can u help me before i do something stupid...