Good News

Via Its Getting Better All the Time:

"The focus on this year's hunt is the humpback, which
was in serious danger of extinction just a few decades ago. They are
now a favorite of whale-watchers for their playful antics at sea, where
the beasts "” which grow as large as 40 tons "” throw themselves out of
the water.

Humpbacks feed, mate and give birth near shore, making them easy prey for whalers, who by some estimates depleted the global population to just 1,200 before the 1963 moratorium. The southern moratorium was followed by a worldwide ban in 1966...

...The American Cetacean Society estimates the humpback population has recovered to about 30,000-40,000 "” about a third of the number before modern whaling. The species is listed as "vulnerable" by the World Conservation Union.


  1. Liberal_Crusher:

    Fantastic. Now we don't need Captain Kirk to come back and save the universe.

  2. Dan:

    But from where will we get transparent aluminum?

  3. Knucklehead:

    Thanks, Dan. Now I won't be able to sleep all Thanksgiving weekend worrying about it. A guy can't even get all happy and choked up that Willy Is Free and the Whales Are Saved without some killjoy pointing out that now we won't get our transparent aluminum. Well, we're just gonna have to find another source. Notfuhnuttin' but if those dipwads in the DoD can ever figger out how to properly use a darned Stargate we might just get some transparent aluminum.